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YCTEA Sun Moon Lake Ruby black tea

RM 90.00 MYR

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About Ruby Black Tea:

Ruby black tea: The only tea in the world that is unique to Yuchi Township in Taiwan, also known as Taiwan Tea No. 18. Its tea color is bright red, and tastes sweet and mellow. In addition to natural cinnamon, there is also a touch of light Mint aroma, which provides a lingering taste. This was especially praised by black tea experts "Taiwanese incense" for its uniqueness and named "one of the best" among all black teas  

Product Features:

  • Three-dimensional bag tea bag features
  • Hand-picked, one tip and two leaves 
  • Single tea species 
  • Premium tea grade
  • Chopped raw leaves, environmentally friendly corn-based triangular tea bags 
  • Passed the EU's highest inspection standard 470 zero pesticides 
  • Original certification mark 
  • Trace ability certification of agricultural product production 
  • Won 3-Stars for 2018 Belgium iTQi flavor excellent medal

SPEC: 2,5g x 15 bags