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RELOVE G7 L-arginine Feminine Hygiene Deodorant Spray Skin Care Spray Anti-bacterial Refreshing

RM 79.00 MYR RM 85.00 MYR

Product Features:

  • Due to the fact that PH3.5~4.5 is the best PH range for women intimate part, the spray which is PH4 can create a protective environment for intimate part.
  • The valuable cranberry extract that includes in the spray is the terminator of urinary tract infection.   
  • There are a slight of mint extract can let you relieve uncomfortable feeling.
  • Because of its light and convenient design, women can get rid of bad smell and itch immediately.
  • The rotatable spray nozzle and replaceable core let you easily use the product and save money.

Product Details:

  • Included 6 precious ingredients that have the function of moisturizing, preventing urinary tract infection, keeping skin elastic and being antibacterial
  • Content: G7 Feminine Skin Care Spray *1 + Cotton Pad for feminine skin care (200 sheets) *1  
  • A carry pouch is included to avoid dirt which exists in bag.
  • Size: 20ml


  • Spray on the tissue then wipe intimate part after toilet.
  • Spray on the intimate part.
  • Spray on the pads or sanitary napkin
  • Spray on the underwear


  • Please stop using the product immediately and consult with the professionals once you feel uncomfortable.
  • Please stay in a cool, dry and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.