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G2T ICE portable Evaporative cooling Mini AirCooler Desktop Conditioner Purifier

RM 199.00 MYR RM 250.00 MYR

G2T-ICE is a natural personal cooling device. 

  • Needless of the coolant and compressor, the air cooler uses only water and proprietary heat absorption cooling filter to achieve most efficient cooling effect.
  • The cooling filter is made from particular fibers to absorb largest amount of water within short period of time
    and enables G2T-ICE intensive evaporation with smallest filter size.
  • The frictions of gaseous water molecules in the cooling filter creates anions (OH ion) in the air; this is the most natural way to generate anion.
  • It's suggested to replace new filter for every 3 months. 

Main Product Features:

  • Cooling: High efficiency evaporative cooling technology.
  • Healthy Life: Filters out the dust (PM 2.5) and benefits your body. Generates a number of negative ions in your space.
  • Green Energy: To commit to earth protection and to save your money.
  • Don't Worry Water Leakage: With smart design, no concern of leaking water due to dumping.

G2T ICE_ 1.jpg

Model: G2T-ICE

Covering space: Maximum: 2 sq. meters of space

Reducing Temperature: It works 4–12°C for temperature reduction depending on the humidity level.

Effective distance: 40~60cm

Dimensions: L 151 * W 145 * H 136 mm

Weight: 680 grams (Without water)

Power Supply/Power consumption: 5V DC, Micro USB, 1A/5W

Water tank capacity: 200ml, for 3-3.5 hours

Package includes : Personal Mini Air Cooler, USB Cable, Evaporative Cartridge(Cooling Filter) /Nano Sliver yarns, Notice card & User Manual.