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Beauty Player Thermal Facial Mask Heating Mask All in One Hydrating Whitening 5 pcs

RM 148.00 MYR RM 199.00 MYR

Far Infrared rays & Anion One mask

Contains Over 1200 far infrared ceramic particles.

When the mask becomes closely in contact with the skin.

Activation and warming effect.

transform the user's skin in becoming radiant and charming.




Product Information:

Light-Gathering All In One Thermal Conductivity Mask * 5 pieces

Product Features:

  • Exclusive new technology development of far-infrared negative ion active fiber cloth mask material design
  • The mask is tightly and perfectly close to the skin
  • When the mask is tightly packed with skin, it can activate the warm effect
  • Combined with the automatic import function, your skin can transform into beautiful and charming

Product Details:

  • Negative Ion
  • Far-infrared Ray