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BEAUTY PLAYER Extremely Transparent Cleansing Mask 5 Sheets/Box

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FROM THE OLD LOT: Beauty Player Micorn Cleansing Mask 

-----> BEAUTY PLAYER Extremely Transparent Cleansing Mask


**Buyer will receive the new lot : BEAUTY PLAYER Extremely Transparent Cleansing Mask**


Extremely Transparent Cleansing Mask

  • Cleansing as Step One for facial skin care regimes
  • Getting free from acne, pimples and residual makeup
  • Growing intimate with my skin care products
  • Allowing my skin to get back to its healthy glow

The basic cleansing is a crucial step to achieve beautiful skin!

A new generation of cleansing facial mask contains special adsorption ability to deeply cleans the pores to allow skin to breathe and immediately infuse the concentrated essence from the mask into the skin. 

This instantly hydrates, tightens, brightens, and smooths skin to help it return and maintain its optimal state.

BeautyPlayer insists on providing your face a good skin condition just like make a facial beauty,
Not only show up your beauty from the surface of the skin but also from the inner glow.

We develop our unique products based on such concept! All good skin care solutions start with cleansers


Product Information:

Micron Cleansing Mask * 5 pieces

Product Features:

  • Deeply cleanses pores, skin is left feeling more refreshed
  • More moisturized, fairer, smoother and more radiance
  • All good skin care solution start with cleansers
  • Prevents skin from rough, dark, uneven, and makes skin brighter and clear

Product Details:

  • The best ingredient from France, Germany, and Spain
  • Extract the flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots and biotechnology peptides
  • Need to use the mask for 2 hours and make sure the mask is dry in order to clean your skin thoroughly
  • Soak the mask in the water for 30 seconds to 1 minute, white spots which are the dirty and old keratin will show up 









Special Duo Set