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Aromate Premium Air Freshener Fragrance Perfume Gift Box Set - HERS

RM 115.00 MYR RM 150.00 MYR

Premium Air Freshener Designer Fragrance For Her

Stylish and classy design of air freshener surrounds ladies with long lasting luxurious scent.

Made from the finest fragrance oil lasts up to 30 days.






Auto Perfume

This beautiful perfume bottle like car fragrance clips in to your car vent and diffuses a luxurious scent made using the finest fragrance oils and lasts up to 30 days.

Fragrance: Pink Fantasy (7ml)

Content : Fragrance oil

Scented Sticks

Simply fasten this stylish vent clip car fragrance to your vehicles air vent, where it will surround you with luxurious designer fragrance for up to two weeks.

Fragrance: Pink Fantasy

Content : Scented polymer

Scented Aluminum Stick

This quality car fragrance simply clips in to your vehicles air vent and surrounds you with long lasting luxurious designer fragrance. Last up to 30 days.

Fragrance: Pink Fantasy

Content : Aluminum, Scented polymer

Double Fresh Diffuser

This compact and neat car fragrance gently diffuses a luxurious scent and quickly eliminate odors around the car. Made from the finest fragrance oils plus deodorizer. No leak, no mess, just peel and use. Lasts up to 30 days.

Fragrance: Pink Fantasy / Deodorizer

Content : Fragrance oil, Deodorizer

Air Freshener Pen Spray

Easy-to-carry pen spray to effectively freshen up your car and room. Spray 2-4 times for a pleasant scent.

Fragrance: New Car

Content : Fragrance oil

Organic Scent Can

Eco friendly fiber blocks with quality fragrance to freshen up your car, home, or anywhere. Super long lasting up to 60 days.

Fragrance: Vanilla

Content : Organic fiber, Fragrance oil