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Aromate Helmet Deodorizer Value Set Remove Odors

RM 55.00 MYR RM 79.00 MYR

Aromate Helmet Deodorizer Value Set 

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Enjoy your ride with cool freshness 
Value pack with 100% natural oil deodorizer spray x 1, bamboo charcoal x 1 , and microfiber cloth x 1

■ Skin safe
■ Eco-Friendly
■ Remove odors efficiently and safely
■ Keep the helmet and motorcycle trunk clean and fresh

Natural Oil 60ml / 2.12 fl oz

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100% Natural Deodorizer

Spray directly into helmet to eliminate odor. Spray to the storage truck to keep it fresh and clean. Spray up to 150 times (3-5 times per use is recommended).

■ Approved by SGS and authorized lab in Japan

 Pass SGS skin irritation test

■ Food safety grade

Extremely safe to people, pets, and on cloths, furniture

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Place the bamboo charcoal bag inside the motorcycle truck to absorb moisture and odor. Put the bamboo charcoal bag outside in the sun once a month for at least one hour to rejuvenate and reuse up to 2 years. Helmet deodorizer can be sprayed onto the bamboo charcoal as well to freshen up the motorcycle truck.

■ 100% Natural Bamboo Charcoal

■ Eliminate Odors

■ Absorb Moisture

■ Reuse For 2 Years

Wipe with the microfiber cloth for quick dry and clean.

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