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【大藝好茶】Jin Xuan Tea Gift Box(150G x2) 頂級阿里山金萱茶葉禮盒(150gX2)

RM 318.00 MYR

2015  Belgium iTQi(The International Taste & Quality Institute) Award -- Superior Taste Award  Two Stars

[Products Description]

  • With the certification of TAF certified laboratory(TÜV Rheinland Group), national Standard of EU, Japan and Taiwan, our products are guaranteed to have no  pesticide and metal residue.

  • All the products have been insured for 30 millions dollars.

1. Jin Xuan Tea in A-li mountain is located in altitude 1300M, because of the climate of high mountain, the tea leaves are round in shape and also rich of pectin.

2. Distinctive natural milk flavor, the scent is light and soft, golden yellow of its tea liquid. Sweet aftertaste while not too thick. 

3.National safety inspection standards passed

4.Quality guaranteed- each pack has passed the inspection, conform to the standard in Taiwan, EU and Japan

5.First choice of single-origin tea leaves, best partner with afternoon-tea, number one Taiwanese Souvenir for tourists

[Tips for making the best Max Art Fine Tea- Sun Lin Sea Tea]

  • Recommended equipment: Porcelain Teapot

  • Warm the top with hot water before the brewing process, in this case more aroma would be released. Please use clear water or good spring water with temperature of 95℃.  Tea leaves should have the   ⅕- ¼ amount of the teapot. Based on each person’s preference to make your tea, however, the best way would be  1 minute/ each steeping time. First steeming time could have more 20 seconds of it. 

  • 1.Warm the pot up first with hot water.

  • 2.Put the tea leaves/bag into the pot.

  • 3. Pour the 95℃ hot water in.

  • 4. Wait for a few minutes, then please enjoy your tea!

If you want to have a cup of cold tea:

  • Recommended equipment: Pot for cooling water

  • Enjoy it in the hot warm summer! According to the research, cold-brewed tea can extract ⅙  of caffeine compare to the hot-brewed !

  • 1.Put the tea leaves/bag into the pot

  • 2.Pour cool water into the pot.

  • 3. Wait for 2 hours.

  • 4. put in the refrigerator for 24 hours. 

● 2015年獲比利時iTQi國際風味暨品質評鑒所頒授 風味絕佳獎章2星評等
● 通過德國杜夫萊茵實驗室檢測,符合台灣、歐盟、日本國家標準,保證絕無農藥及重金屬殘留。
● 本產品已投保3000萬元產品責任險