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【大藝好茶】 Shanlinxi Tea Gift Box ( 150g x2) 頂級杉林溪山高山茶葉禮盒(150gX2)

RM 518.00 MYR

[Products description]

  • Shanlinxi tea area is located in altitude 1600M, because of the climate of high mountain, it generates pure and deep scent of tea leaves.  

  • Distinct mountain flavor, with shiny gold and a bit of honey green. it’s brightly colored and transparent. Fruity flavored, scent of sweet and  heavy.

  • National safety inspection standards passed

  • Quality guaranteed- each pack has passed the inspection, conform to the standard in Taiwan, EU and Japan

  •  First choice of single-origin tea leaves, best partner with afternoon-tea, number one Taiwanese Souvenir for tourists.

[Tips for making the best Max Art Fine Tea- Sun Lin Sea Tea]

  • Recommended equipment: Porcelain Teapot

  • Warm the top with hot water before the brewing process, in this case more aroma would be released. Please use clear water or good spring water with temperature of 95℃.  Tea leaves should have the   ⅕- ¼ amount of the teapot. Based on each person’s preference to make your tea, however, the best way would be  1 minute/ each steeping time. Every first time could have more 20 seconds of it. 

  • 1.Warm the pot up first with hot water.

  • 2.Put the tea leaves/bag into the pot.

  • 3. Pour the 95℃ hot water in.

  • 4. Wait for a few minutes, then please enjoy your tea!