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【大藝好茶】Double gitfs, double happiness(Honey Black Tea 20G+ Jin Xuan Tea 50G) 好禮成雙茶葉禮盒(蜜香紅茶20g+阿里山金萱50g)

RM 118.00 MYR

[Products Discription]

  • With the certification of TAF certified laboratory(TÜV Rheinland Group), national Standard of EU, Japan and Taiwan, our products are guaranteed to have no  pesticide and metal residue.

  • All the products have been insured for 30 millions dollars.

  • 2015, 2016 Successive 2 years of Belgium iTQi(The International Taste & Quality Institute) Award -- Superior Taste Award  Three Stars

  • 2010 8th International Tea Rating- high-ranked Reward for team black tea  

1.Honey Black Tea 20g

  • Taiwan Sanxia Honey Black Tea and Unique variety of Black Tea: through the bite from tea-green leafhopper, it produces special fragrance and rich amino acids, after firing the leaves, it comes out with natural honey flavor and fruit taste 

2.Jin Xuan Tea 50G

  • 2015  Belgium iTQi(The International Taste & Quality Institute) Award -- Superior Taste Award  Two Stars

  • Distinctive natural milk flavor, the scent is light and soft, golden yellow of its tea liquid. Sweet aftertaste while not too thick.

For  Honey Black Tea

[Products features]

  • With only one growing season in six months, the tea liquid presents to be ruby color, sweet and soft tes scent, smooth aftertaste. Great to be drunk as breakfast tea, afternoon tea or evening tea. Besides, it’s always the best choice with chinese cakes or western desserts. 

[Tips for making the best Max Art Fine Tea]

  • Recommended equipment:  Glass teapot.

  • Honey Black tea is famous for its one-tip two-leaves fresh tip hand-picked by the farmers. Hence it’s not endutable for high-temperature water. During the brewing process, please use the water in the degree of 85℃,  with heat-resistant pot would be profitable to lower the temperature.

  • 1.warm the cup up with warm water

  • 2.put the tea leaves/bag in

  • 3.pour around 85℃ water in the cup

  • 4.Wait for a few minutes, then you can enjoy it!

For Jin Xuan Tea

[Products features]

  • Jin Xuan is the rare variety tea of Taiwan, with thick and fresh tip, it comes with distinctive natural milk flavor, the scent is light and soft, golden yellow of its tea liquid. Sweet aftertaste while not too thick

[Tips for making the best Max Art Fine Tea- Sun Lin Sea Tea]

  • Recommended equipment: Porcelain Teapot

  • Warm the top with hot water before the brewing process, in this case more aroma would be released. Please use clear water or good spring water with temperature of 95℃.  Tea leaves should have the   ⅕- ¼ amount of the teapot. Based on each person’s preference to make your tea, however, the best way would be  1 minute/ each steeping time. Every first time could have more 20 seconds of it. 

  • 1.Warm the pot up first with hot water.

  • 2.Put the tea leaves/bag into the pot.

  • 3. Pour the 95℃ hot water in.

  • 4. Wait for a few minutes, then please enjoy your tea!



● 2015年獲比利時iTQi國際風味暨品質評鑒所頒授 風味絕佳獎章2星評等

● 2015、2016連續2年獲比利時iTQi國際風味暨品質評鑒所頒授 風味絕佳獎章最高等級3星評等

● 2015、2016連續2年獲比利時iTQi國際風味暨品質評鑒所頒授 風味絕佳獎章最高等級3星評等